Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

National Leadership

National Council

The National Council, elected by collegiate delegates, is charged with guiding the long-term future of the organization, pending any changes decided upon by delegates to the national conferences. All National Council members volunteer to serve Mortar Board with two-year terms (with a maximum of two consecutive terms in any one office, with the positions of president, president-elect and student representative being limited to one term).

National President Dr. David L. Whitman (University of Wyoming, 1998)
President-Elect Ms. Gail Harrison Corvette (The Ohio State University, 1980)
Vice President Dr. Sarra Nazem (The University of Michigan, 2004) 

Secretary-Treasurer – Ms. Jenni Birch Szolwinski (Purdue University, 1993)
Student Representative – Ms. Gabrielle Going (Eastern Illinois University, 2016)
Student Representative – Mr. Matthew Crane (University of Southern California, 2018)
Alumni Representative – Mr. Brandon M. Caten (University of South Alabama, 2011)
Alumni Representative – Ms. Kathryn E. Chick (Hood College, 2006)

Immediate Past President – Dr. Abigail Diehl (The Pennsylvania State University, 1995) 
Foundation Representative – ex officio – Dr. Martha L. Starling (Kansas State University, 1962)
Executive Director – ex officio – Dr. Jane A. Hamblin (Purdue, 1973)

National Foundation

A board of trustees governs the National Foundation. These trustees are volunteers who coordinate the fundraising efforts in collaboration with the staff at the National Office, oversee the investment of the funds and administer the fellowship program and chapter project grants. Fundraising sources include contributions from Mortar Board members, alumni and chapters, along with royalties and donations from corporate partnerships.

Foundation President – Dr. Martha L. Starling (Kansas State University, 1962)
Vice President – Dr. Sally Steadman (University of Wyoming, 1968)
Secretary-Treasurer – 
CAPT Sally Watlington, USN (Ret.) (Purdue University, 1959)
Trustee – 
Dr. Barbara J. Arnold (The Pennsylvania State University, 1981)
Trustee Dr. Joni Comstock (Eastern Illinois University, 2016)
Trustee – Mr. Craig Evers (The Ohio State University, 2001)
Trustee -  Ms. Janet G. Farrington (University of Mississippi, 1964)

Trustee – Ms. Kathryne MacKenzie (Oklahoma Baptist University, 1969)
Trustee – Ms. Laura C. Simic (University of Oregon, 1985)
Trustee – Ms. Karen S. Stiner (San Diego State University, 1987)
Trustee – Mr. Tony Vidmar (The Ohio State University, 1982)
Ex officio – Dr. David L. Whitman (Wyoming, 1998)
Ex officio – Ms. Jenni Birch Szolwinski (Purdue University, 1993)
Executive Director – ex officio – Dr. Jane A. Hamblin (Purdue, 1973)

Section coordinators

Section coordinators work directly with chapters, serving as close primary contacts for chapters within a specified geographic region. The section coordinator is available to assist the chapters with a variety of tasks, including the completion of forms, execution of events and activities and assistance with communication with the National Office. Alongside the National Council, section coordinators communicate, facilitate and establish continuity within the organization.

Section 1 (Northeast) – Dr. Patience Whitworth (The Ohio State University, 2003)
Section 2 (Pennsylvania) – Ms. Sarah Pol, National Office
Section 3 (Mid-Atlantic) – Ms. Brianna Murphy (Endicott College, 2015)
Section 4 (Southeast) – Ms. Jaclyn Walz, (Auburn University, 2012)
Section 5 (Floribama) – Mr. Nathan R. Cordle (University of Alabama, 2011)
Section 6 (South) – Dr. Patty Ann Bogue (University of Alabama, 2008)
Section 7 (Tennessee Valley) – Ms. Leslie Ellis (Lenior-Rhyne University, 2015)
Section 8 (Southern Ohio) – Mr. Michael Lavina (Hanover College, 2010)
Section 9 (Northern Ohio) – Ms. Kailee Weiker, (Ohio Northern University, 2010)
Section 10 (Michigan) – Ms. Ashleigh Spatt (The Colorado College, 2010)
Section 11 (Indiana) – Ms. Julie Haring (Bradley University, 2014)
Section 12 (Illinois) – Ms. Candice Hironaka Pitts (Oregon State University, 1971)
Section 13 (Upper Midwest) – Ms. Shawna Johnson (Northern Illinois University, 2015)
Section 14 (Northern Great Plains) – Mr. Jordan Gonzales (University of Nebraska at Kearney, 2012)
Section 15 (Southern Great Plains) – Mr. David Andrews (Purdue University, 2010)
Section 16 (Central) – Ms. Stacie Lawrence (University of Utah, 2013) 
Section 17 (Texas) – Ms. Gracen Daniel (Texas Tech University, 2015)
Section 18 (Southwest) – Dr. Cassandra Lucas (Purdue University, 1994)
Section 19 (Rocky Mountain) – Ms. Kelsey Willis (Colorado State University, 2014)
Section 20 (Pacific Northwest) – Ms. Mia McCurdy (Purdue University, 2010), Ms. Anne Marie Sullivan (Purdue, 2014)
Section 21 (West) – Ms. Megan Isaacson (San Diego State University, 2012)