Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

Advising Awards

The Excellence in Advising Awards are given to Mortar Board chapter advisors who have demonstrated a commitment to the purpose of Mortar Board and who have gone above and beyond in their work with a collegiate chapter. Nominations are to be submitted from current collegiate members, and are due on or before March 15 of each year. Nominations are reviewed by a selection committee and recipients are announced annually at the Mortar Board National Conference.

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Excellence in Advising Awards 

The Pennsylvania State University - Allie Goldstein
Kansas State University - Tracey Lee
San Diego State University - Cassandra Conboy Neel

University of Kansas - Jennifer Weghorst
University of Mary Washington - Abbie M. Tomba
University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Jenna Vitosh
Texas Tech University - Jerry Stevens

Florida State University - Katie Cloud
University of North Dakota - Kristi Okerlund
Texas Tech University - Aliza Wong

University of Missouri-Kansas City - Will Self
University of Nebraska at Kearney - Amber Messersmith
The Ohio State University - Louise Douce
Texas Tech University - Francisco Delgadillo

The University of Alabama – Glenda Guyton
The University of Vermont – Maggie Rosa
University of Washington – Margot Smith

Illinois State University - Dr. Shawn Hitchcock
Purdue University - Roger Stewart

Rhodes College - Regina Simmons

The University of Alabama - Susan Herndon Caples
Carnegie Mellon University - Dr. Sharon M. Carver
University of California, Los Angeles - Pamela R. Cysner
Colorado State University - Dr. David P. Gilkey
Purdue University - Betsy Marti

University of South Alabama - Sally Cobb
San Diego State University - Dr. Jane K. Smith
University of Wyoming - Dr. David Whitman

University of Louisiana at Monroe - Dr. Martha Anderson
University of Maryland - Kirsten Freeman Fox
Tulane University - Charlotte Maheu

Hope College - Dr. Dianne Portfleet
University of Nebraska - Lincoln - Dr. Jason Vogel
University of Redlands - Amy Wilms

University of North Dakota - Dr. Greg Patton
State University of New York at Buffalo - Julie Smith
Wichita State University - Dr. Charles Koeber
William Jewell College - Mary Sallee

Grove City College - Dr. Ralph Carlson
University of Nebraska-Kearney - Dr. Kenya S. Taylor
University of Florida - Mike Mironack
Oklahoma State University - Cathy Bird
University of South Alabama - Dr. Dennis Fell

Lake Erie College - Sharan McPadden
University of North Dakota - Jim Haskins
Texas Tech University - Susan Talkamit
University of Tulsa - Penny Pricer
University of Utah - Lori McDonald

University of Alabama - Susan Halliday
University of Florida - Lohse Beeland
Florida State University - Annelise Leysieffer
Indiana State University - Tracy Lungrin
Kent State University - Nancy Mitchell
Northern Illinois University - Daniel Turner
Pomona College - Neil Gerard
San Diego State University - Dr. Jane K. Smith
Texas Tech University - Dominik Casadonte
University of Wyoming - Dr. Sally Steadman

Cornell College - Carol Lacy-Salazar
Illinois State University - Sandra Little
Kansas State University - Candice Hironaka Pitts
Louisiana State University - Michelle Lowery
Oregon State University - Jon Down
Purdue University - Dr. Jon Teaford
University of Wyoming - Charlotte Davis

Converse College - Jeff Poelvoorde
Colorado State University - Tom Field
Idaho State University - Alice Ronald
Kansas State University - Mike Brown
University of Maryland - RJ Holmes
Mississippi College - Carolyn Hand
North Dakota State University - Mark Meister
The Ohio State University - Richard Hollingsworth
Purdue University - Pablo Malavenda
University of San Diego - Judith Lewis Logue

Augustana College - Ellen Hay
Carnegie Mellon University - Lisa DeFrank Cole
Converse College - Melissa Walker
University of Delaware - Carolyn Manning
Fort Hays State University - Shala Bannister
Oregon State University - Leonard Friedman
University of Pittsburgh - Gilbert Pielin
University of Puget Sound - Rosa Beth Gibson
Washington State University - Sue Hinz

University of Akron - David Stephen
University of Cincinnati - Barbara Schooley
Emory University - Cynthia Shaw
Illinois State University - Jude Boyer
Kansas State University - Dr. Jan Wissman
Mississippi University for Women - April Schwartzmueller
University of Northern Colorado - Jean Schober-Morrell
Ohio University - Heidi Tracy
University of Vermont - Littleton Long
Washington University - Steven Ehrlich

California State University, Long Beach - Aristi Contos
University of Minnesota - Julia Blatnak
University of Nebraska - Kearney - Marion Hitchcock
University of Nebraska - Kearney - Marilyn Jussel
University of Nebraska - Kearney - Stephanie Walker
University of Nebraska - Lincoln - Jayne Wade Anderson
Northern Illinois University - Virginia Cassidy
Ohio Northern University - Bruce Burton
College of William & Mary - Clay Clemons
University of Wyoming - Donna Brown

Excellence in Advising with Distinction Status

Washington State University - Sue Hinz

Hope College – Dr. Dianne Portfleet
University of South Alabama – Dr. Sally Steadman

Kansas State University - Candice Hironaka Pitts
University of San Diego - Judith Lewis Logue
San Diego State University - Dr. Jane K. Smith