Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society

Chapter Awards

Chapters should be honored for the excellence they exhibit throughout the year. All chapters are able to achieve the Silver Torch, which signifies the chapter has met minimum standards. The minimum standards a chapter must achieve can be reviewed in the Bylaws on page 6, section 1.22.

All chapters are encouraged to nominate themselves for higher honors such as the Project Excellence Award, the Gold Torch Award, Most Improved Chapter and our highest honor, the Ruth Weimer Mount Chapter Excellence Award. Nominations for all awards are due on or before May 15. The Excellence in Advising Award nomination must be submitted on or before March 15. These deadlines, and others, are listed on the calendar and with report forms.

View past award-winning chapters here.

Ruth Weimer Mount Chapter Excellence Award

The Ruth Weimer Mount Chapter Excellence Award is the highest honor in chapter achievement, given for superior chapter operations, participation, selection, advising, visibility and communications. Criteria include a well-tested sense of camaraderie among chapter members, a current chapter website, a significant all-campus project that involves at least 75 percent of members, an alumni event or newsletter, an excellent selection process, active advisor(s), visibility on campus, meaningful and established traditions, effective communications between chapter and SC, and at least one Project Excellence application. A chapter may apply or be nominated.

This year’s winner is the Forum chapter at Texas Tech University. Every year the chapter holds Bark In the Park, where individuals who make a donation are able to bring their dog to a Texas Tech baseball game. At this event last year the Forum chapter recognized six faculty members, allowing them to throw the first pitch and presented each one with a Louisville slugger personalized with their name. The money from Bark in the Park was used to buy Christmas presents for children at Children’s Home of Lubbock, an organization dedicated to providing homes and support for at-risk children. Another example of the chapter’s efforts was through a complete redesign of the Bayless Elementary School’s Reading Corner. The chapter raised funds through the President-for-A-Day raffle, an event where students can buy tickets to win a chance be president of the University for a day. The chapter created a new reading space for students and even provided new books.

Much of Forum chapter’s success was because of their close relationship with their advisors and section coordinator.  They met weekly and communicated often through email and phone. Advisors were included on all big picture decisions. Through their advisors they were able to communicate with Texas Tech administration, including the president of the University. Their senior advisor, Stacey Poteet, assisted them in placing $26,000 into the Texas Tech Foundation for future generations of Mortar Board member.

Freeman and Fox Most Improved Chapter

The Most Improved Chapter award encourages chapter development and recognizes a chapter that has achieved success during the year while re-establishing and re-invigorating programming and membership. A chapter must apply or be nominated to receive this award.

After struggling with unexpected turnover in their executive board, the 2017-2018 Red Tassel chapter at Illinois State University worked hard to have a successful year. To increase the chapter’s visibility on campus, they created multiple social media accounts and a website. They held tables at activities fairs on their campus including FestivalISU and WinterFest. They started selection early, in the fall and were able to tap 35 new members along with two honoraries! One of their honorary members was Dr. Levester Johnson, the vice president for student affairs, who posted about his honorary membership on social media and vastly increased the chapter’s visibility on ISU’s campus.

The Red Tassel chapter’s biggest concern this year was continuity and the sustainability of the chapter. They held an orientation pizza dinner to improve their transition process where they gave out welcome packets and a small present to newly-tapped students. The orientation was full of Mortar Board information along with ice breakers and team building activities. The chapter concentrated on making sure officer transitions went smoothly with up-to-date binders and adequate time for new officers to meet with old ones. This was an improvement from previous years where officer transition and orientation were usually done hastily and later in the semester, so information tended to be lost between officers.

The Red Tassel chapter held many events that centered on the ideals of scholarship, leadership, and service. Including a library socials where members would gather and study for finals, care package stuffing for Home Sweet Home which they completed over twenty care packages filled with supplies for the homeless, a yearlong book drive where they collected books to donate and they participated in Bring it Back To Normal, which is Illinois State University’s day of service.

One of Red Tassel’s members said, “I am very proud of the year we have had! We started with absolutely nothing, but made this year really count! I have high hopes for the future of the chapter at ISU!”

Project Excellence Award - 2018 Winners

Project Excellence Awards recognize outstanding chapter projects with high member participation. A chapter must apply or be nominated to receive this award. Nineteen chapters were recognized for thirty-nine projects held in 2017-2018.


Gold Torch Award - 2018 Winners

Gold Torch honors chapters that exemplify scholarship, leadership, and service. They are dedicated to Mortar Board and its purpose and Ideals, and are active on their campus in ways that improve the quality of student life.  Nineteen chapters were awarded the Gold Torch.