Motar Board - National College Senior Honor Society


2020 National Conference recordings

Chapter Operations Sessions
Capitalize on the exceptionality of Mortar Board
A key to engagement and success-SMART goals
You're Kidding! A chapter endowment? Why would we do that?!
Communicating with the busiest people on campus
Plan chapter finances: A budget is a thing of beauty
Make selection an honor
Manage events professionally and have a blast!
Retreats in the time of distance: Engagement members in new ways
Overcoming challenges in your chapter: Student perspective
Logistics of selection
Social media brings members together and showcases your chapter on campus
Perch project: What is it and how do we get one?
Campus image: Make it matter
Sustainable fundraising: Your chapter and beyond
Tips and tricks for being a great officer

Leadership Sessions

General Sessions

2018 National Conference materials

2016 National Conference materials
Chapter Operations I – Work with your advisor
Chapter Operations I – Communicate with your chapter
Chapter Operations I – Motivate your chapter
Chapter Operations I – Run a great meeting
Chapter Operations I – Best practice swap and (Best practice swap RECAP)
Chapter Operations II – Scholarship
Chapter Operations III – Plan to select the best on campus

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2015 National Conference materials
Conference program
Outstanding chapter projects
Chapter Operations I - how to run a meeting
Chapter Operations I - president's job worksheet
Chapter Operations II - leadership keys
Chapter Operations II - leadership quotes
Chapter Operations II - scholarship
Chapter Operations III - serving the alma mater
Conference photographs

2014 National Conference materials
Schedule of events
Conference Program
Election Guide
Chapter leader checklist
Outstanding chapter projects
LeadingLeaders Presentation Series videos
Wine, Women and Winnie the Pooh by Kay Moore