Mortar Board members are selected for their outstanding achievements, but what truly brings them together is their dedication to helping others. This community of scholars creates change for good, whether on their college campuses, in their communities or at a global level.

Chosen for leadership

This society helps leaders flourish by developing skills and creating a space where students and faculty come together to learn, grow and help each other.


Mortar Board membership is a lifelong distinction that sets students apart from their peers by providing opportunities for personal and professional development.


Advising a Mortar Board chapter allows advisors to work with the best and the brightest seniors to fulfill the ideals of leadership, scholarship and service campus-wide.

We are leaders, truly living Thy Ideals, and we need to pay it forward ... that's the embodiment of Mortar Board: role models for future generations of leaders.

Bette M. Swilley (Auburn University, 1968) Distinguished Lifetime Member

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