National Leadership

National Council

The National Council guides the long-term future of the Society. National Council members are volunteers who serve two-year terms. In addition to officers, National Council members representing alumni and collegiate members are elected by collegiate chapter delegates.

National President

Ms. Kathryn E. Chick (Hood College, 2006)


Dr. Cassandra L. Lucas (Purdue University, 1994)

Vice President

Dr. Sarra Nazem (The University of Michigan, 2004)


Ms. Bre'una Keeton (Washington State University, 2013)

Student Representative at-large

Ms. Margaret Meierhenry (University of South Dakota, 2021)

Student Representative at-large

Ms. Chaela Minor (Purdue University, 2020)

Alumni Representative at-large

Dr. Mohammed Hill (University of California, Berkeley, 1992)

Alumni Representative at-large

Ms. Jenni Birch Szolwinski (Purdue University, 1993)

Immediate Past President

Ms. Gail Harrison Corvette (The Ohio State University, 1980)

Foundation Representative

Dr. Barbara J. Arnold (The Pennsylvania State University, 1981)

Executive Director

Dr. Kirsten F. Fox (The Ohio State University, 1996)

Previous National Presidents

2019-2021        Ms. Gail Harrison Corvette
2017-2019        Dr. David Whitman
2015-2017        Dr. Abigail Diehl
2013-2015        Dr. Martha Starling
2011-2013         Ms. Susan Caples McGuire
2009-2011        Dr. Daniel Turner
2007-2009      Dr. Sally Steadman
2005-2007      Dr. William Niederer
2003-2005      Dr. Denise Rode
2001-2003       Dr. Barbara Arnold
1997-2001        Dr. Mabel Freeman
1993-1997        Mrs. Dottie Phillips
1991-1993         Mrs. M. Kathryne MacKenzie
1987-1991         Dr. Catherine Johnson Randall
1982-1987        Ms. Dorothy Moser
1976-1982        Mrs. Jayne Anderson
1973-1976        Mrs. Catherine Nelson Evans
1970-1973        Dr. Shauna Adix
1967-1970        Helen Snyder
1964-1967        Ms. Margaret Stafford
1958-1964        Mrs. Ruth Weimer Mount
1955-1958        Dr. Jane Hoehle
1949-1955        Mrs. Rosemary Ginn
1941-1949        Coral Stevens
1926-1930        Kathleen Hammond
1923-1926        Eleanor Anderson
1921-1923         Anne Cornell Christensen
1919-1921         Mary Mildred Logan Lucas
1918-1919         Esther Jones

Student representatives

Student representatives at-large are members of the National Council and serve as the voice of nearly 5,000 collegiate members. Student representatives learn about how the Society operates, meet distinguished members and alumni from across the country, network with other student leaders and professionals, and help guide Mortar Board’s future.

National Foundation

A board of trustees governs the National Foundation. These trustees are volunteers who coordinate fundraising efforts in collaboration with the National Office, oversee the investment of funds and administer the fellowship program and chapter project grants. Mortar Board receives funds from members, alumni and chapters, along with royalties and donations from corporate partnerships.


Dr. Barbara J. Arnold (The Pennsylvania State University, 1981)

Vice President

Ms. Karen S. Stiner (San Diego State University, 1987)


Ms. Janet G. Farrington (University of Mississippi, 1964)


Mr. Craig Evers (The Ohio State University, 2001)


Ms. Mary Ruth Carleton (University of California, Berkeley, 1969)


Dr. Joni Comstock (Eastern Illinois University, 2016)


Dr. W. David Lasater (Ball State University, 1992)


Ms. Kathryne MacKenzie (Oklahoma Baptist University, 1969)


Ms. Laura C. Simic (University of Oregon, 1985)


Mr. Bruce Ware (University of Mississippi, 1998)

Trustee ex officio

Ms. Bre'una Keeton (Washington State University, 2013)

Trustee ex officio

Ms. Kathryn E. Chick (Hood College, 2006)

Executive Director and Trustee ex officio

Dr. Kirsten F. Fox (The Ohio State University, 1996)

Section coordinators

Section coordinators work directly with chapters as primary contacts within a specified geographic region. They assist chapters with various program planning and evaluation activities. Section coordinators help chapters to be their best on campus.

Section 1 - Northeast

Ms. Alexa Murray (The Ohio State University, 2014)

Section 2 - Pennsylvania

Dr. Patience Whitworth (The Ohio State University, 2003)

Section 3 - Mid-Atlantic

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Section 4 - Southeast

Mr. Wilson Chan (University of Louisville, 1989)

Section 5 - Floribama

Mr. Tristan Torres (Texas Tech University, 2018)

Section 6 - South

Submit your interest

Section 7 - Tennessee Valley

Submit your interest

Section 8 - Southern Ohio

Mr. Robert Kichak (University of Cincinnati, 2014)

Section 9 - Northern Ohio

Ms. Kailee Weiker (Ohio Northern University, 2010)

Section 10 - Michigan

Ms. Suzanne Turpin Upton (Purdue University, 1997)

Section 11 - Indiana

Ms. Jill Kleinkauf (Chapman University, 2018)

Section 12 - Illinois

Ms. Blair Canedy (Illinois State University, 2017)

Section 13 - Upper Midwest

Ms. Sonya Myscofski (Beloit College, 2018)

Section 14 - Northern Great Plains

Submit your interest

Section 15 - Southern Great Plains

Submit your interest

Section 16 - Central

Ms. Stacie Lawrence (University of Utah, 2013)

Section 17 - Texas

Submit your interest

Section 18 - Southwest

Mr. Alex Ballard (Chapman University, 2018)

Section 19 - Rocky Mountains

Ms. Cecilia Barnhill (University of San Diego, 2018)

Section 20 - Pacific Northwest

Ms. Kate Gladhart-Hayes (University of Puget Sound, 2018)

Section 21 - West

Dr. Kathryn Gabrielson (San Diego State University, 1992)

National Office Staff

Mortar Board’s National Office is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Staff members’ goal is simple: support collegiate chapters so that they are the best honor societies on their campus. With a wide range of skills and backgrounds, staff members assist chapters in on-campus operations and selection, lead program engagement opportunities for members, and support the National Council, Board of Trustees and national committees. They also manage regalia sales and development operations for the Mortar Board National Foundation.