At Mortar Board, you are with some of the best and brightest students from around your campus. You have such talent and diversity within your group. Just imagine what you can learn and accomplish together!

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Membership requirements

Membership in Mortar Board is the pinnacle of achievement for a collegiate scholar-leader. Being selected to join denotes distinction for those who have led with effective passion, served selflessly for the greater good and shown a true love of learning through their academic achievements. Our Society honors scholar-leaders with junior standing who demonstrate superior performance in these Ideals.

Why Mortar Board?

Learn from our members why they chose Mortar Board and what makes it special.

Member benefits

Being a Mortar Board member is an honor on any campus where our Society has a chapter. Mortar Board is proud to offer benefits exclusively for members to help them achieve their goals.

Certified as a reputable honor society

ACHS is an organization that sets high standards for its members, and Mortar Board has been a certified society since 1937.