Privacy Statement

Mortar Board, Inc. (hereinafter "Mortar Board," "we", or "us") is committed to protecting its members' privacy. Mortar Board has created this privacy policy to protect the privacy of the members and the privacy of visitors using the Mortar Board Web pages (the "Site").

What information does Mortar Board collect?

We collect only the information we need to serve you and administer our business. Mortar Board does not collect information that identifies you personally (“Personal Information”) unless you voluntarily provide it to Mortar Board to enable us to provide you with requested services and information. We collect, process and use Personal Information for performing the services you request, as well as to raise revenue to establish additional fellowships for students and to support local chapters’ programs.

When you agree to membership, you agree to give Mortar Board your contact information. We ask members for their full legal name, permanent home address, telephone number and e-mail. We also collect the initiation date of the member, chapter officer designation (if applicable), gender and date of graduation from the initiating chapter. You may voluntarily contribute to the Foundation or receive a Mortar Board Fellowship and that information is recorded. If you are a delegate to the National conference, that is recorded. If you wish to be part of the Career Network, the job title and company of employment is recorded.

You also may encounter surveys and other features on the Web site that ask you to provide Mortar Board with non-personal information to help Mortar Board improve the services that we provide to you.