Start a Chapter

Calling institutions of higher education

Mortar Boardโ€™s National Council invites institutions of higher education in the United States to petition for a chapter of the Society as long as it meets these requirements: baccalaureate degree-granting and accredited by its regional accrediting association; intends to include the Society in the fabric of student life; and has a plan to provide perpetual support for the Societyโ€™s operation through 1) meaningful advising by qualified staff and faculty, 2) annual verification of grade requirements for all eligible candidates, and 3) modest financial support for conference registration (every year) and travel (every other year) and advisor training.

Why Mortar Board?

Mortar Board selects and recognizes college juniors for their high achievement and significant contributions to their campus community. Mortar Board is passionate about creating a capstone experience for members by leveraging the presence of a diverse, equally matched group of student leaders. Mortar Board members value their new connections with one another and learn from each other. Their newfound synergy is a catalyst for programs that add to the quality of student life. This is why Mortar Board should be on your campus.

Establishing Mortar Board on your campus


A group representing administration, faculty and students should meet to consider the formation of a Mortar Board chapter. At this meeting, you should first ascertain if there would be both the quantity and quality of students interested to form a chapter.

Submit the petition

File the petition, including the appropriate supporting documents.

Official visit

Prepare for an onsite visit. The visitor will spend time on campus talking with students, faculty and administrators to acquire information about the institution.

National Council decision

Following the official visit, the National Council will evaluate the petition and decide on granting a charter.

Chapter installation

Once the affirmative vote is received, your new chapter of Mortar Board and the national installing officers work together to conduct an installation and initiation. Family members, friends, faculty and staff are invited to attend.

Applicable fees

There is a one-time chapter installation fee. Each member also pays a one-time national membership fee. Local chapters may charge local dues, which are retained by the chapter.




College/University requirements

  • Baccalaureate degree-granting 
  • Accredited by a regional accreditation association 
  • Support of the institutionโ€™s administration, particularly its president, chief academic officer and chief student affairs officer
  • At least two advisors and an administrative liaison (may be faculty, staff or administrators) to work actively with the chapter
  • Commitment for Mortar Board to function as an honor society rather than an honorary. An honorary exists solely for the purpose of honoring its members. An honor society continues to make significant contributions to college and community life.


  1. Inquire about process
  2. Arrange campus visit by a national leader
  3. Create campus advance team
  4. Identify advising team
  5. Determine selection method
  6. Submit petition
  7. Train advisor team
  8. Secure nominations from faculty, staff and students
  9. Select honorary members from among the faculty and senior staff
  10. Announce installation date
  11. Hold selection meeting
  12. Tap candidates after approval by National Office
  13. Orient candidates and elect officers
  14. Train officers
  15. Conduct installation of the new chapter and initiate new members
  16. Announce new chapter to media and campus community


If you have any questions or would like to petition for a chapter, contact Mortar Board Executive Director Dr. Kirsten Fox at (614) 488-4094 or