Pay Member Fees

I want to accept my membership.

Congratulations on being tapped for membership in Mortar Board!

Once a year, Mortar Board chapters across the United States select the top scholar-leaders of the junior class to join our Society. You were selected because your chapter believes that you have a true love of learning, you are a leader of uncommon dedication and sincerity and you serve your campus and community with distinction.

The benefits of Mortar Board membership extend beyond your campus and even beyond your senior year. The honor of Mortar Board lasts a lifetime. Mortar Board proudly claims more than a quarter of a million alumni members! This distinguished network is now open to you.

A one-time fee of $80 secures your membership in Mortar Board. You may pay online. Follow these steps:

  • Log into your account using the email address on file with the National Office and the password Password1# (case sensitive). Then, follow the instructions to change the password to one of your own choosing.
  • Click on “Memberships and Events” in the left-hand sidebar to access the Mortar Board membership store. If you have logged in successfully, the $80 Collegiate Membership Fee will be displayed in the “Featured Items” section above the other listed products. If your chapter chose to have local chapter dues collected online, you will see this dues product in the “Featured Items” section as well.
  • Keep your email receipt as proof to your chapter’s leaders that you have officially accepted membership in our esteemed Society.
Members also have the option of establishing a payment plan with the National Office. Complete the payment plan request form to get started.

To get a head start on your Mortar Board experience, check out our Member Guide, which includes the history of our Society and explains what you can expect from your membership. Find out how, over the next year, you can enhance your leadership, grow your connections and help your chapter contribute meaningfully to campus life.

Congratulations on the honor of being selected – welcome to Mortar Board!

I am a returning senior and want to pay the continuing senior fee or my chapter’s local dues.

Become a continuing senior

Not graduating this year? Take advantage of the unique opportunity to continue your active collegiate membership for an additional year!

Participating in Mortar Board for a second (or third!) active year not only provides additional opportunities to develop your leadership skills and serve your alma mater, but also allows your chapter to benefit from your experience and expertise.

A $40 continuing senior fee is required to continue participating with your chapter.

To pay your continuing senior fee online:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Add the “Collegiate continuing senior fee” to your shopping cart, and click “Proceed to Checkout.”
  3. Select or enter the billing address for the card you are using, enter your credit card information and click “Purchase Now.”
  4. Share your emailed receipt with your chapter’s leaders so they know to include your name on the final OMR.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at or 614-488-4094.

I want to pay an invoice or the amount due on our Official Membership Report (OMR).

Official Membership Report (OMR) payment

You can pay your OMR invoice online with a credit or debit card.

Click here to be directed to the secure payment page.

If you have questions about how your OMR spreadsheet calculated the invoice total, please contact and attach a copy of your completed OMR. Or, please call the National Office at 614-488-4094.