Mortar Board Fellowships are for Mortar Board members of any initiation year who are working toward an advanced degree.


Since the inception of Mortar Board’s Fellowship program in 1941, more than $750,000 has been given to deserving members of Mortar Board pursuing postgraduate degrees. The program started with two awards of $500 and has grown to six to eight awards of between $3,000 and $5,000 each generated by endowments held in the Mortar Board National Foundation. A member of any age may apply for a Mortar Board Fellowship for postbaccalaureate degree study in any field. The Mortar Board Fellowship Committee, composed of trustees of the Mortar Board National Foundation (MBNF), endeavors to provide a streamlined, yet thought-provoking application process that allows applicants to showcase their accomplishments and academic plans. The Ideals of Mortar Board are considered: robust scholarship that is competitive nationwide, meaningful leadership, and dedication to service to one’s alma mater. Mortar Board fellowships are awarded annually.

Application process

Who may apply for a Mortar Board Fellowship?

Mortar Board members of any age may apply for a Mortar Board Fellowship for postbaccalaureate degrees in any field. Past recipients are ineligible.

Am I eligible to apply for the Mortar Board Fellowship if I have already begun my graduate degree program?

Yes, provided you have not previously received a Mortar Board Fellowship, will be continuing graduate studies in the next academic year and otherwise meet all eligibility criteria.

I plan to pursue postbaccalaureate studies outside of the United States. Am I eligible to apply for a Mortar Board Fellowship?

Yes.  You may use a Mortar Board Fellowship for graduate studies at any accredited institution of higher learning.

What is the process?

The Mortar Board Fellowship Selection Committee provides a streamlined, yet thought-provoking application process that allows each member who applies the chance to showcase their accomplishments and plans.

The committee considers applicants’ academic record, faculty recommendations, goals and objectives, and contribution and commitment to Mortar Board. The fellowship is for one academic year, and the amount awarded is sent directly to the Mortar Board Fellow.

Who should recommendations be from?

Two letters of recommendation must be from faculty or other persons who can speak with authority about your ability to do graduate work in your chosen field and about your personal qualities and achievement. It will be helpful if one of your recommenders could write about your out-of-classroom experiences related to your degree objective and to your leadership and service on campus and in the community.

Are applicants expected to pay for an official transcript or will an unofficial transcript suffice?

Applicants are required to provide current, official or unofficial transcript as part of the application process. Many institutions will provide a secure portal for you to access your unofficial transcript to send to organizations that you designate.

I previously applied for a Mortar Board Fellowship.  May I apply again?

If you previously applied, but did not receive a Mortar Board Fellowship and you are still otherwise eligible, you may apply again. You will need to complete a new application form and submit two current recommendations. If your transcripts from the previous application are not changed, you may email fellowships@mortarboard.org prior to March 15 and ask that those same transcripts be used.  If those transcripts have changed due to additional studies or institutions, please submit your current transcripts.

Applications must be received on or before March 15

Applications for a Mortar Board National Foundation fellowship are due on or before March 15. The committee should complete the two-phase review process around May 15 and notify applicants near that date.

2022-2023 Fellows

Washington State + Zelma Patchin-Oklahoma State Fellow

Jason Baker (University of Nebraska at Kearney, 2020)

Ramier + Katherine Wills Coleman Fellow

Victoria Bui (University of Hawai'i at Manoa, 2017)

Diane Selby Fellow

Sally Burkley (University of Mary Washington, 2021)

Ruth Weimer Mount Fellow

Cadence Ciesielski (Kansas State University, 2021)

Ellen North Dunlap Fellow

Andrew Cochran (Ohio Northern University, 2019)

Mortar Board Fellow

Hannah Giannini (University of South Alabama, 2020)

Mortar Board Fellow

Sydney Popsuj (Agnes Scott College, 2018)

Barbara Cook Fellow

Sydney Wong (University of San Diego, 2019)

2021-2022 Fellows

Ellen North Dunlap Fellow – Hanna Bobinger (University of South Alabama, 2019)

Ramier-Coleman Fellow – Lauren Chambliss (The University of Alabama, 2020)

Mortar Board Fellow – Hannah Clipp (West Virginia University, 2015)

Zalma Patchin-Oklahoma State/Washington State Fellow – Katherine Gladhart-Hayes (University of Puget Sound, 2018)

Mortar Board Fellow – Rajvarun Grewal (University of California, Los Angeles, 2018)

Barbara Cook Fellow – Jill Kleinkauf (Chapman University, 2018)

Diane Selby Fellow – Benjamin Shinogle (William Jewell College, 2016)

2020-2021 Fellows

Ellen North Dunlap Fellow – Sinibaldo Romero Arocha (North Dakota State University, 2013)

Barbara Cook Fellow – Olivia Bond (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2017)

Ruth Mount Fellow – Ian Ross (Westminster College, 2019)

Ramier-Coleman Fellow – Ronald Yang (University of California Los Angeles, 2018)

Zelma Patchin-Oklahoma State/Washington State Fellow – Odalis Hernandez (University of Kansas, 2019)

Diane Selby Fellow – Da Yeoun Moon (San Diego State University, 2019)

2019-2020 Fellows

Mortar Board Fellow – Thomas Baldwin (Butler University, 2017)

Ellen North Dunlap Fellow – Rachel Bowanko (The University of Vermont, 2018)

Barbara Cook Fellow – Trisha Chau (Oregon State University, 2015)

Ruth Weimer Mount Fellow – Eleanor Haglund (Carnegie Mellon University, 2015)

Mortar Board Fellow – Austin Hirsh (University of San Diego, 2017)

Diane Selby Fellow – Kristy Kwon (University of Washington, 2017)

Ramier-Coleman Fellow – Latrel Powell (San Diego State University, 2018)

Zelma Patchin-Oklahoma State/Washington State Fellow – Meaghan Waff (Rhodes College, 2016)


2018-2019 Fellows

Mortar Board Fellow – Kimberly Golisch (University of Arizona, 2013)

Ruth Weimer Mount Fellow  – Tyler Harvey (Rhodes College, 2016)

Mortar Board Fellow – Charmagne Jones (San Diego State University, 2017)

Ellen North Dunlap Fellow – Stephanie Kha (The University of Arizona, 2014)

Diane Selby Fellow – Callie Lane  (University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2016)

Zelma Patchin-Oklahoma State/Washington State Fellow – Caitlin Taylor (The College of William and Mary, 2017)

Ramier-Coleman Fellow – Sophia Wix (University of Southern California, 2017)