Mortar Board Fellowships are for Mortar Board members of any initiation year who are working toward an advanced degree.

Application process


Members of any age may apply for a Mortar Board Fellowship for post baccalaureate degrees in any field.

The Mortar Board Fellowship Selection Committee provides a streamlined yet thought-provoking application process that allows each member who applies the chance to showcase their accomplishments and plans.

How to apply

The Mortar Board Fellowship Selection Committee reviews all applications in a two-phase reading process. Applications for a Mortar Board National Foundation fellowship are online and due on or before March 1.

Selecting fellowship recipients

The committee selects candidates based on their academic record, recommendations, goals and objectives, and contribution and commitment to Mortar Board. By accepting the fellowship, members must begin and complete their studies within the time described in the application. Applicants must be current or former collegiate members of Mortar Board, and past recipients of the fellowship are ineligible to apply again. Awards are for one academic year only.

Applications must be received on or before March 15

The committee will send applicants their results on or before May 15. The award is sent directly to the Mortar Board Fellows.