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Copyright statement

The www.mortarboard.org website is owned by Mortar Board, Inc. and the Mortar Board National Foundation. All materials contained in this website are either owned by Mortar Board or used with permission.

Terms of use agreement

The Mortar Board logo, a mortarboard with the Greek letters pi, sigma and alpha, is the exclusive property of Mortar Board. It may not be copied or reproduced without permission.

Certain approved groups such as initiates, chapters and advisors will be granted permission to use the logo for certain purposes, including promotional use in materials such as fliers, web sites or chapter apparel. The Mortar Board National Office must grant permission to individuals or groups wishing to use the logo and will do so in a timely fashion when contacted with the name of the group/individual, method for using the logo and description of the manner in which the logo will be used. Apparel and swag manufacturers and sellers must obtain a license to use the Mortar Board logo.

Mortar Board, Inc. has the exclusive and sole right to sell merchandise with the Mortar Board logo and trademark. The sale of any merchandise with the Mortar Board logo from any party other than Mortar Board, Inc. is strictly forbidden and should be reported immediately. Mortar Board’s licensing agent must authorize all merchandise production by chapters, individuals, manufacturers and vendors.