Alumni Awards

Each year, Mortar Board awards alumni that demonstrate a continuing commitment to Mortar Board's purpose and exemplify the Society's Ideals through their professions and service. Award recipients are models for all members of what it means to be a Mortar Board. Nominators must submit their intention to nominate on or before March 31 and submit the completed application packet on or before April 25.

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award honors an alumni member who was initiated as a collegiate member; is between one and 20 years past initiation; has demonstrated remarkable accomplishment in their profession far ahead of others of the same cohort, or are noted for outstanding community service; has shown a constant commitment to the Ideals of scholarship, leadership and service through their profession; and is a role model for other members.



Dr. Corrine Kliment (The University of Nebraska- Lincoln, 2003)
Dylan Aste (San Diego State University, 2006)
James Clear (Denison University, 2007)

Dr. L’issa Gates (Tulane University, 2017)
Brandon Marcus (University of South Alabama, 2011)
Bridget Toomey (Beloit College, 2007)

Dr. Manori Perera (The University of Denver, 2001)

Dr. M. Sonja Ardoin (Louisiana State University, 2003)
Dr. Jonathan Kim (University of San Diego, 2011)

Paul Escajadillo (San Diego State University, 2004)
Dr. Gerardo Mancilla (University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2004)

1LT Spencer Schaffer USMC (The Ohio State University, 2011)

Carl Kirpes (Iowa State University, 2010)
Ann Wang (University of California, Los Angeles, 2011)

Sonya Laddon Rahders (University of California, Los Angeles, 2011)

Dr. Leslie Lang (University of California, Berkley, 2005)
Joseph B. Lee (Northwestern University, 2008)
Maureen Kaiser Richmond (Purdue University, 1996)

Alumni Achievement Award

The Alumni Achievement Award honors an alumni member who was initiated as a collegiate or honorary member; is more than 10 years past initiation; has demonstrated outstanding and long-lasting achievement in their profession or notable, signal service to a broad community; has shown a continuing commitment to the Mortar Board Ideals of scholarship, leadership and service; and is an inspiration to other members.

2023 recipients

Dr. Alicia Caudill (Otterbein University, 1994)
Dr. Amy Button Renz (Kansas State University, 2005)
Dr. Jenna Cox Rickus (Purdue University, 1994)

2020-2022 recipients

Nancy Gillece (Hood College, 1980)
LeAnne Salazar Montoya (University of New Mexico, 2001)
Beth Unger (Michigan State University, 1960)

Dr. James R. Hamblin (Wake Forest University, 2004)
Shante J. Moore (Kansas State University, 1995)
Dr. Jerry Redmond Jr. (University of Mississippi, 1994)

Beth Courtney (Louisiana State University, 1965)
Barbie Tootle (The Ohio State University, 1964)

2010-2019 recipients

The Hon. Sue Bell Cobb (The University of Alabama, 2018)
Brian Losurdo (Purdue University, 1995)
Virginia Moxley (Kansas State University, 1967)

Dr. Karolyn Berkman (University of California, Los Angeles, 1957)
Dr. Tara Lagu (Purdue University, 1995)
Dr. Tara Singer (University of Louisville, 1982)
Kerry Watterson (Texas Wesleyan University, 1997)

Janet Sprang Ayres (Kansas State University, 1969)
Jan Griffin Farrington (University of Mississippi, 1964)

Sarah Smith Larson (Monmouth College, 1972)
Debra Levin (Arizona State University, 1986)

Julie L. Davis (Kansas State University, 1977)
Dr. Janet E. Jackson (Wittenberg University, 1974)
MAJ GEN Erika C. Steuterman USAF (Ret.) (Purdue University, 1976)

David D. Coleman (Bowling Green State University, 1984)
Dr. Glenda Earwood (Auburn University, 1973)
Dr. Kathryn McDaniel Moore (The Ohio State University, 1964)

Steven H. Biondolillo (Boston University, 1976)
Julie A. Eddleman (Purdue University, 1991)
Marion Ross (San Diego State University, 1965)

Dr. P. Dee Boersma (Central Michigan University, 1973)
Christine Burkhart (University of Washington, 1970)
Keith J. Krach (Purdue University, 1978)

Dr. Stephen B. Corn (Boston University, 1981)
Melissa Page Ingwersen (Northwestern University, 1981)
Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo (Purdue University, 1974)

Shirley Anne Brooks-Jones (The Ohio State University, 1991)
Dr. Bethany Rubin Henderson (University of Pennsylvania, 1997)
Olakunle Olaniyi Oguneye (Valparaiso University, 1996)
Dr. Teresa C. Long (University of California, Berkley, 1978)

2000-2009 recipients

Dr. Jo Ann Yampol Rohyans (Miami University, 1967)
Shontrai D. Irving (Indiana University, 1996)

Dr. Nancy Hardin Rogers (University of Kansas, 1968)
Dr. Kimberly Till (University of Alabama, 1976)
Marilyn L. Wirtz (University of Iowa, 1977)

Steven D. Bishop (Purdue University, 1985)
Dr. Susan R. Komives (Florida State University, 1967)
Dr. Eileen B. Wilson-Oyerlaran (Pomona College, 1968)

Dr. Mary E. Hale Tolar (Kansas State University, 1989)
Elizabeth Sydnor Kelly (The Pennsylvania State University, 1968)
Brenda J. Peters (Texas Tech University, 1973)

Dr. Lucy Ann Dalglish (University of North Dakota, 1979)
Rusty Rueff (Purdue University, 1983)
Dr. Elizabeth Metcalf Ruthmansdorfer (University of Northern Colorado, 1994)
Martha Wyrsch (University of Wyoming, 1979)

The Hon. Barbara Hackman Franklin (The Pennsylvania State University, 1961)
Nancy Gwinn (University of Wyoming, 1966)
Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr. (Troy University, 1996)

Judith Hayes Hand (University of Missouri, Columbia, 1960)
Dr. Erin Moriarty (The Ohio State University, 1973)
Dr. Martha Lewis Starling (Kansas State University, 1962)

Dr. Ruann Ernst (The Ohio State University, 1967)
The Hon. Judith L. Haller (University of California, Los Angeles, 1967)
Dr. Condoleezza Rice (University of Denver, 1973)

Zelma Patchin (University of Oklahoma, 1931)
Dr. Carol Scott-Kassner (Washington State University, 1963)
Patricia Lahr Smith (University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 1938)

Dr. Barbara Wolter Hartung (San Diego State University, 1965)
Doris M. Borst Meissner (University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1962)
Rodney Williams (University of Louisville, 1996)

1989-1999 recipients

Dr. Henry Janssen (San Diego State University, 1988)
Bobbie Holt McKenzie (University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 1957)
Dolores J. Anderson Rogers (University of Idaho, 1953)

Shirley Dunlap Bowser (The Ohio State University, 1956)
Charlotte Hearne Davis (University of Wyoming, 1959)
Jacquelyn Hoss Rosenlof (University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 1951)

Ruth Sharp Altshuler (Southern Methodist University, 1971)
Margaret Katherine Ramaley Moore (The Pennsylvania State University, 1943)
Ann Richardson (University of Denver, 1955)
Dr. Donna Roths Sweet (Wichita State University, 1969)

Leann Keenan Anderson (University of Northern Colorado, 1972)
Dr. Lena Lovato Archuleta (University of Denver, 1941)
Peg McCormick Fleury (University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1958)
Susan K. Henthorn (Otterbein University, 1988)
Mary Browder McCartney (The Ohio State University, 1949)
Bonnie Ann Smith Rigg (University of Miami, 1968)
Kathleen Houck Ross (San Diego State University, 1991)
Michael-Anne Rubenstein (University of Miami, 1992)
Dr. Bernice Cohen Sachs (University of Washington, 1969)
Carole Rolnick Shlipak (Tulane University, 1959)
Mary Runsvold Sissel (Iowa State University, 1965)
Lauren Stein (University of Pennsylvania, 1992)
Dr. K. Kay Stewart (Oklahoma Baptist University, 1968)
Dr. Marlene Ingraham Strathe (Iowa State University, 1966)
Dr. Rhae Martin Swisher (Troy University, 1986)
Dr. Jo Anne J. Trow (Denison University, 1952)
CAPT Sally Watlington, USN (Ret.) (Purdue University, 1959)

Susan Elle Brints (Texas Tech University, 1968)
Geraldine Clewell (Texas Tech University, 1958)
Margaret Hopcraft Dike (University of New Mexico, 1940)
Mary Frey Eaton (Louisiana State University, 1944)
Henrietta Bebber Loy (University of New Mexico, 1938)
Dr. Ruth Weimer Mount (University of Illinois, 1947)
Lois North (University of California, Berkley, 1942)
Donalene Sapp Poduska (University of Kentucky, 1957)
Bettye Trimble Potter (University of Missouri – Columbia, 1989)
Margot Nilsen Smith (San Diego State University, 1965)

Edith Sayre Auslander (University of Arizona, 1960)
Phyllis Jenkins Barrow (University of Georgia, 1939)
Alta Marie Flowers Birdsong (University of North Texas, 1968)
Holly Jane Bressler (University of Northern Colorado, 1975)
Barbara Roose Cox (University of Houston, 1989)
Genevieve Watson DeVleming (Washington State University, 1947)
Dr. Sue Wolfer Earnest (San Diego State University, 1928)
Mary Maxwell Gates (University of Washington, 1949)
Dr. Patricia Allison Gray (Rhodes College, 1968)
Sally Kenny Griswold (University of Michigan, 1937)
Sheila James Kuehl (University of California, Los Angeles, 1960)
Flora S. Lewis (University of California, Los Angeles, 1940)
Robin L. McCabe (University of Washington, 1970)
Floris Davis Mikkelson (University of Denver, 1952)
Zelda Winograd Milner (Case Western Reserve University, 1952)
Carol McGowen Mizell (University of North Texas, 1968)
Dr. Charldean Newell (University of North Texas, 1968)
Dr. Kelle Chandler Ray (University of Georgia, 1987)
Dr. Pepper Schwartz (Washington University in St. Louis, 1966)
Dr. Marjorie Jean Spurrier Sirridge (Kansas State University, 1941)

Dr. Margaret Berry (University of Texas at Austin, 1936)
Jean Elaine Tuerck Bimel (University of Cincinnati, 1959)
Pam Sue Human Broyles (Southern Nazarene University, 1980)
Dr. Kathleen Coen Buckwalter (University of Iowa, 1970)
Dr. Nancy Russell Hamant (University of Cincinnati, 1956)
Kathy Robinson Hillman (Baylor University, 1972)
Mary Rowe Moore (University of Cincinnati, 1937)
Dr. Ruth Weimer Mount (University of Illinois, 1947)
Virginia Esch Norton (Western Michigan University, 1971)
Dr. Janet Steffen Pieper (University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 1953)
Adele Langston Rogers (Cornell University, 1932)
Charlotte Shockley (University of Cincinnati, 1936)
Alice McLean Jones Stewart (University of Alabama, 1940)
Dr. Martha Wingard Tack (University of Alabama, 1974)
Diane Grinstead Tenaglia (Bowling Green State University, 1983)

Distinguished Lifetime Membership

The Distinguished Lifetime Membership honors an alumni member who was initiated as a collegiate or honorary member; is many years past their undergraduate degree; has retained significant and meaningful connections and service to Mortar Board through collegiate or alumni chapters, programs or events; has, throughout their lifetime, demonstrated seminal and groundbreaking community or campus leadership on a regional, national or international plane; and epitomizes the meaning of a lifetime of service to Mortar Board.

2023 recipients

Dr. Martha Lewis Starling (Kansas State University, 1962)
Capt. Sally Watlington (Purdue University, 1959)

2020-2022 recipients

Dr. Denise Rode (Northern Illinois University, 1971)

Linda Markins Sorensen (Purdue University, 1962)
Bette M. Swilley (Auburn University, 1968)

Dr. Cathy Johnson Randall (The University of Alabama, 1971)
Dr. Sally Steadman (University of Wyoming, 1968)

2010-2019 recipients

Dr. Mabel G. Freeman (The Ohio State University, 1965)
Dr. Jane K. Smith (West Virginia University, 1960)

Shirley Dunlap Bowser (The Ohio State University, 1956)
Charlotte Davis (University of Wyoming, 1959)

Darlene Geer Gould Davies (San Diego State University, 1965)
Anne Clark Foltz (The Ohio State University, 1954)

Judith Lewis Logue (San Diego State University, 1964)
Dr. Denise C. Ottinger (Bowling Green State University, 1974)
Dr. Robert S. Sorensen (Purdue University, 2000)

Betty M. Nelson (Purdue University, 1988)

Dr. William R. Butler (University of Miami, 1990)
Dr. Janice Wissman (Kansas State University, 1962)

Virginia Wheeler Patterson (University of Colorado, 1946)

Betty J. Alderson (University of Kansas, 1945)
Janice Sheldon Baumback (University of Washington, 1943)
Diane Miller Selby (The Ohio State University, 1961)

Dr. Mary Priscilla Miller Hoy (Iowa State University, 1963)
Dr. Helen Dickerson Wise (The Pennsylvania State University, 1948)

2000-2009 recipients

Sheila Castellarin (The Ohio State University, 1957)
John T. Mount (The Ohio State University, 1981)

Mimi Barash Coppersmith (The Pennsylvania State University, 1953)
Audrey R. Finkelstein (University of Miami, 1965)

Elaine Thomas Barnum (The Ohio State University, 1948)
Helen Harrison McBride (University of Kentucky, 1943)
Janice Kaminis Platt (Florida State University, 1957)

Genevieve Watson DeVleming (Washington State University, 1947)
Colleen Seidelhuber Willoughby (Whitman College, 1954)

Dr. Virginia N. Gordon (The Ohio State University, 1948)
Dr. Alice B. Hayes (University of San Diego, 2000)
Dr. Eleanor Anglin Price (University of Pennsylvania, 1930)

Carita Swanson Vonk (University of Miami, 1965)

Dr. Barbara Wood Cook (University of Arkansas, 1950)
Doris G. Finnie (University of Denver, 1940)
Margaret Tobin (University of Wyoming, 1971)

Eulalee Long Anderson (University of Oklahoma, 1939)
Dr. Daisy Parker Flory (Florida State University, 1936)

Dr. Sue Wolfer Earnest (San Diego State University, 1928)
Jean Waid Reilly (The Ohio State University, 1939)

1995-1999 recipients

Gladys Shellabarger Eddy (University of Denver, 1937)
Dr. Eleanor M. Hadley (University of Washington, 1986)

Dr. Agnes Marshall Gordon (The Ohio State University, 1925)

Elizabeth Catherine Philp Elle (University of Oregon, 1938)

Mary Maxwell Gates (University of Washington, 1949)