Advisor Resources

Advisors, working in a small team, focus on chapter operations and leadership. With chapter officers, advisors ensure a good transition from year to year and provide suggestions for meaningful programs and capstone experiences for chapter members. They also share ideas for events and activities that the chapter can accomplish for the good of the entire campus community.

Advisory team responsibilities

Be there for your chapter. Attend chapter and executive committee meetings. Attend selection.

Be a resource. Communicate campus policies. Relay knowledge of the community. Advise on programs that have worked and those that have not. Understand Robert’s Rules of Order and advise when needed about these important rules of fair play.

Build the chapter’s strength and continuity. Help complete the Chapter Action Plan (CAP), orient new members and train new officers. Assist in developing the chapter’s budget for long-term viability. Understand the required nominations process and assist in effecting it annually. Make sure chapter officers (and advisors) create and file reports with the National Office.

Understand the national Society. Attend conferences. Read e-newsletters and the Forum. Communicate with the chapter about national initiatives.

Preserve chapter history. House Minutes and other records. Know where chapter archives are housed on campus.

Meet with other advisors. Hold advisory team meetings regularly and make sure all chapter operations are covered with advisory support.

Overseeing the chapter

Build a team of advisors

Chapters must have at least one advisor; a team of advisors is the best way to cover the wide variety of chapter operations. The team of advisors have the chance to experience working with Mortar Board members and advancing Mortar Board’s purpose.

Attend the national leadership conference and advisor programming

Advisors are encouraged to learn more about Mortar Board by attending the annual national conference (in-person in even-numbered years and virtual in odd years) and meet other advisors. Mortar Board supports advisor training through monthly meet-ups, chapter operations sessions, individual chapter meetings, and the LEAD training.

Report on chapter activities

The chapter is charged with ensuring the Chapter Action Plan (due September 30) and Chapter Annual Report (due May 15) are completed annually. These reports include leadership, historical, financial, and event information. Advisors can help ensure that the reports are completed and suggest ways to use them in the upcoming year as planning tools.

Select candidates for membership

The advisory team plays a critical role in the membership selection process by helping the chapter refine the nominations process and encouraging all departments and student organizations to nominate candidates for membership. Advisors can help confirm that the GPAs of prospective members are above the chapter’s threshold. Advisors present at the annual selection meeting to help the chapter understand the importance of confidentiality in the deliberations that lead to selecting the next class of members.

Orient new members and train new officers

The best way to assure a successful chapter is to spend time and energy orienting new members, so they understand Mortar Board nationally and locally. Similarly, officers should be properly trained in their roles and have the chance to review the previous chapter operations to build on them and improve.

Advisor Meet-Up Slide Decks