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Your gifts to Mortar Board helps build collegiate and national programs around our purpose, which embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion. Funds raised support the best and brightest scholars and leaders through fellowships, chapter grants, leadership development, conference support, member development, and advisor training. In 2022, contributions provide additional support as we work to rebuild and reengage chapters challenged by the pandemic.

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Mortar Board National Foundation

With your generous contributions, you are helping to support members, chapters, advisors and programs committed to scholarship, leadership, service, and inclusion. With your support, Mortar Board will continue to achieve success as we move through our second century.

The Mortar Board National Foundation proudly supports the activities of Mortar Board.  Thank you to the Board of Trustees who governs the National Foundation. These trustees are volunteers who invest time and energy to coordinate fundraising efforts, oversee the investment of funds, and administer the fellowship program and chapter project grants.  We are thankful to the Foundation Board of Trustees for their support of various projects and initiatives, including the recent Mortar Board (re)branding campaign.