Acceptance of responsibility and waiver of liability/Photo release

Acceptance of responsibility

Official Delegate Responsibility: I accept the responsibility of serving as the official delegate of my chapter at the Mortar Board National Conference. I understand that I must inform myself about all matters that will require a vote of my chapter, including matters related to chapter standing and election of national officers. I further understand that it is my duty to vote on behalf of my chapter when a vote is called for. I promise to do this.

All Officers’ Responsibility: I accept the responsibility of serving as an officer of my chapter. I understand that, at the Mortar Board National Conference, I will have an opportunity to inform myself about all matters related to chapter operations and Mortar Board policies and procedures. I further agree to perform the duties of my office in my chapter to the best of my abilities.


Obligation to participate

I understand that there is a cost to my chapter for my participation in the Mortar Board National Conference, and I agree to honor my chapter’s trust by attending relevant conference programming in its entirety so that I can learn how to carry out my officer role. I understand that if I must unavoidably be absent from the conference, I must arrange with my chapter president and advisor for a replacement and also notify the National Office of the replacement’s name.

I understand that, with reasonable notice, I may change my reservation from single-occupancy to double-occupancy without penalty. However, I understand that my reservations cannot otherwise be changed or cancelled without financial penalty. Therefore, if I cancel or change my plans for attending the conference once a reservation has been made for me by Mortar Board, or if I absent myself from the national conference for any reason after my arrival, I agree to reimburse Mortar Board for or pay outright:

  1. Any costs for lost room nights at the conference hotel
  2. Any other cost associated with my cancellation, change or absence


Dismissal and personal liability

If I fail to follow the rules of the conference, I understand I may be dismissed from the conference at my own expense and I agree to reimburse Mortar Board or pay outright the relevant costs for my absence.


Waiver of liability

I hereby release, discharge, and hold harmless Mortar Board and its staff and officers and their agents and assigns and Mortar Board’s partners, sponsors, exhibitors and their officers, agents, representatives, employees and assigns from any actions, causes of action, claims or liabilities, now existing or that may arise in the future, that are in any way related to or arise out of my participation in the conference.


Photo permission and recording

I grant my permission for my photograph and likeness to be used for promotional purposes of Mortar Board without any expectation of prior approval or compensation. I understand that many aspects of the conference will be recorded.