Think Big

On August 7 at 11:45 a.m. Eastern, attend the National Conference Keynote Address by Saul Flores, a nationally recognized philanthropist and photojournalist. 

Collegiate participants and advisors are automatically registered for the keynote address. Alumni who wish to attend can register using the link below. 

On a service-learning spring break trip to his mother’s hometown, Saul discovered a withering cinderblock elementary school bordered by beautiful fields of sugarcane. He found the students living in aluminum shanties and sleeping on the floor, lacking motivation for school.

Determined to help make a difference in the lives of the children and armed with the knowledge that education provides youth a solid foundation, Saul made it his mission to raise funds to reconstruct their school.

After an arduous three years, and with the help of a community of scholars wanting to make a difference, Saul watched 134 elementary students graduate in the newly constructed school.

In Think Big Saul will help us: 

  • Find purpose beyond ourselves so that we can accomplish much more
  • Learn that serving others is leadership