Chapter Visibility

The strongest Mortar Board chapters have one thing in common: chapter visibility. On campus, students, faculty, and staff know Mortar Board. Visibility is a mix of word-of-mouth, campus presence, relevant programs, and shared experiences.

Why Visibility Matters

Why does Chapter Visibility matter?

Chapter visibility helps Mortar Board thrive by attracting members, support, and opportunities, ultimately contributing to its long-term success and effectiveness on campus.


Visibility is crucial for a chapter for several reasons:

  • Membership Recruitment – Strong campus visibility attracts new members, ensuring the Mortar Board’s growth and sustainability.
  • Awareness – Increased awareness helps students understand the chapter’s purpose, activities, and benefits. This makes it easier to engage student servant-leaders when they become eligible.
  • Funding and Support – Visible chapters are more likely to receive funding, partnerships, and institutional support from the school administration. 
  • Campus Partnerships – Creating campus partnerships helps increase institutional awareness and support
  • Event Attendance – Prominent visibility leads to higher attendance at events, workshops, and meetings, enhancing the chapter’s impact and reach.
  • Networking Opportunities – A well-known chapter can attract partnerships with other clubs, organizations, and industry professionals, providing valuable networking opportunities for its members.
  • Reputation and Credibility – Visibility enhances the chapter’s reputation and credibility, making it a respected and influential entity on campus. With competing honor societies and not credible honors organizations, it’s important to make sure students know Mortar Board is legitimate.
  • Alumni Engagement – A highly visible chapter can keep alumni engaged and involved, potentially providing mentorship, donations, and support for current activities.

Printable Resources

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  • About MB Booklet
  • Mortar Board Info Sheet (coming soon)
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Social Media Graphics

Best Practices for Chapter Visibility

  • Social Media Presence – Create and maintain active profiles on platforms like Instagram. Share information, updates, event photos, and member spotlights regularly. Tag national @mortar_board!
  • Website – If your chapter has a website, make sure it is updated and well-maintained. If you don’t, be sure any listings of your chapter on the institutional website has correct information.  
  • Collaborate with Other Clubs – Partner with other student organizations for joint events and initiatives, broadening your reach and introducing your club to new audiences.
  • Campus Events and Fairs – Participate in student fairs, orientation events, and campus festivals. Set up an engaging booth with flyers, freebies, and interactive activities to attract interest.
  • Posters and Flyers – Design eye-catching posters and flyers to be displayed on bulletin boards, in common areas, and around campus. Use QR codes for easy access to online information.
  • Email Newsletters – Send regular newsletters or emails to members and interested students, highlighting upcoming events, achievements, and ways to get involved.
  • Guest Speakers and Workshops – Host events featuring guest speakers, career professionals, and workshops. Don’t forget to advertise national offerings!
  • Merchandise – Create and distribute Mortar Board-branded merchandise like t-shirts, stickers, and buttons. Wearing and sharing these items can help spread the word.
  • Interactive Content – Use interactive content such as polls, quizzes, and live streams on social media to engage your audience and keep them interested.
  • Media Coverage – Get featured in the college newspaper, radio station, or other campus media outlets. Write articles or press releases about your club’s achievements and upcoming events and send them to the University Media Office or local newspaper.
  • Engage Alumni – Involve alumni in activities and feature their success stories. Alumni can also help promote Mortar Board through their networks.
  • Regular Meetings and Interest Meetings – Hold regular meetings and interest meetings where interested students can learn more about Mortar Board and its activities.
  • Personal Invitations – Encourage current members to invite friends and classmates personally. Word-of-mouth can be a powerful tool.

Additional Ideas for Chapter Visibility

Coming Soon

  • List of visibility options (tabling, involvement fairs, info sessions)
  • How to incorporate visibility with chapter events
  • List of possible campus partnerships and why