Leadership Workshop Webinar: Collaboration in Work Groups

By: April Knight

“Collaboration in Work Groups” is a four-hour workshop webinar that will provide you with the skills to make group decisions and handle conflict in any setting. It features virtually interactive programming to foster teamwork and collaboration and is geared to help you assess the way in which you serve as a leader for your peers. Whether or not you have been responsible for leading a work group before in your career, “Collaboration in Work Groups” will help you to redefine what it means to be a leader in a productive work group.

Throughout this webinar, you will learn about the stages of the group development process and the different styles of leadership. With this knowledge, you will be able to identify which stage your team falls in and know which approach to use moving forward. Depending on which phase of the process your team is in, you may want to push for further progress or simply maintain the level of effort current being put forth by your group members. Knowing which action is appropriate to take may be a challenge for you as a leader because encouraging maintenance or progression requires proper analysis of the situation. Do you want to push for equal amounts of collaboration or inspire someone else to take on a leadership role? Do you want your group to use a decision-making or problem-solving approach? These are possible questions that may arise and you, as the leader, will learn how to answer them by the end of the webinar.

With any group, there is the possibility for conflict to arise and prevent the team from reaching its goal. Conflict can be tough to handle because it doesn’t just fall under one category; there are different subgroups, or spheres, of conflict. Just as you will learn how to assess which stage of the development process your group is in, you will also learn to analyze situations where conflict has arisen or is likely to arise, how to handle conflict and how to actively avoid group pitfalls from occurring in the future.

The skills you will develop in this webinar may be applied to experiences in your career, chapter or even in your personal relationships. No matter which group you identify with, you’re invited to virtually collaborate with us during “Collaboration in Work Groups,” and boost your team-oriented skillset. This webinar is open to both members and nonmembers and will take place on Friday, August 7, 2020, from noon to 4 p.m. Eastern before the kick-off of the 2020 Mortar Board National Leadership Conference. Click here to register.

Mortar Board has added this workshop to the 2020 Mortar Board National Leadership Conference schedule to help move towards the items outlined in our 2020 strategic plan, which includes the development and advancement of the professional and personal skills of our members. The skills taught in “Collaboration in Work Groups” are applicable in both areas. Documentation of successful completion of this workshop can even be used for self-submission of non-pre-approved continuing education contact hours.

Allison Sharer

Allison Sharer

Allison Sharer will be teaching “Collaboration in Work Groups” live at the virtual conference. She has over thirty-five years of experience working in the prevention field. She earned her bachelor’s degree in communication from The Ohio State University with a minor in sociology, is an Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist II and a Certified Lifestyle Risk Reduction Instructor. She started her career working in youth-led prevention and training volunteers. Today, she is president of Wingspan Training, LLC in Columbus, Ohio, where she also provides training and consultation to organizations on alcohol and drug use prevention. Allison has led a wide variety of audiences towards drug-free workplaces and prevention in their communities. She serves as a role model for various youth and community group members on how to overcome challenges and adopt healthy lifestyles that are driven towards success.