Conference Advisory Board (CAB)

The Conference Advisory Board (CAB) is an inspired, insightful and committed group of collegiate members of Mortar Board.

The National Office invites CAB to assist in the planning and execution of the national conference. CAB members are eager to meet the newest Mortar Board class and guide new presidents as they navigate the conference and prepare to lead their chapters in the next academic year.

What does CAB do?

A productive and valued member of the CAB will:

  1. attend monthly virtual meetings of the CAB
  2. work productively in between meetings to complete assignments and follow up on action items
  3. apply their knowledge of chapter operations in developing programming for the conference
  4. apply their experiences with Mortar Board and/or at the national conference in developing effective programming
  5. work to develop learning outcomes for the conference and apply programming accordingly
  6. help acquire/select presenters and sessions
  7. work collaboratively with other members of the CAB and staff
  8. be an ambassador for Mortar Board and the conference to chapters, advisors, and collegiate members.

CAB members will attend the national conference to oversee the event. Travel and accommodations will be covered by the National Office for in-person conferences.

2024 CAB Members

Programming & Engagement Lead

McCaleb Hart (Texas Tech University, 2021)

Registration & Information Lead

Caitlyn Kant (Illinois State University, 2021)

Interactive Engagement Lead

Elizabeth Payton (Texas Tech University, 2023)

2023 CAB members

Caitlyn Kant (Illinois State University, 2021)
Tamika Lovelace (San Diego State University, 2021)
Julia Scharff (The Ohio State University, 2022)

2022 CAB members

Conference Program Lead

Kailey Jerome (University of North Dakota, 2019)

Team Lead, Social Media

Makayla Johnson (North Dakota State University, 2019)

Registration Lead

Caitlyn Kant (Illinois State University, 2021)

Whova App Lead

Marlene Michel (Berea College, 2021)

2021 Conference staff

Olivia Morrison

Conference Student Assistant

Olivia Morrison (The Ohio State University 2021)

2020 CAB members

Alex Ballard

Team Lead, Whova App Lead

Alex Ballard (Chapman University, 2018)

Conference Program Lead

Jill Kleinkauf (Chapman University, 2018)

Promotion and Social Media Lead

Yessica Rodriguez (The University of Northern Colorado, 2019)

Registration Lead

Zoe VanderHoek (Oregon State University, 2018)