Frequently Asked Questions

What is the conference schedule?

To view the final schedule click here.

To view the conference program click here.

How much does conference cost?


  • No registration cost for collegiate members or advisors.
  • There is no limit to the number of members / advisors who register from each chapter.
  • However, conference materials (t-shirt and packet) will only be sent to the first 5 registrants per chapter,
  • As a reminder, each chapter is required to pay an annual chapter fee (sometimes thought of as the “conference fee”) of $350 per year. This is required annually for all chapters, regardless of conference attendance.



  • Non-MBAA (Mortar Board Alumni Association) Member: $150
  • MBAA Annual Member:  $100
  • MBAA Lifetime Member: $0
  • Recent Alumni (Graduation Dates between 2019 – 2023): $25



Registration for Region Coordinators, National Council members, National Foundation Board of Trustees, and Standing Committee members is complementary. Thank you for your service to Mortar Board!


Each collegiate chapter pays an annual $350 chapter fee (formerly known as the annual conference fee) which helps to cover conference costs, among other things. If you’re unsure whether this has been paid or would like payment options for your chapter, please contact

Does each chapter have to send someone? Who should it be?

Yes, of course! The MBNC offers unique learning opportunities for all members, so it’s highly recommended that as many officers and members as possible attend. Each chapter is required to have at least one member attend the conference as the official delegate representing the chapter, but any number of members and advisors may attend.

How many members may register for the chapter's conference fee?

Any number of current members and advisors may register for conference. However, only the first five (5) to register from each chapter will receive a conference t-shirt and a welcome packet.

What is the registration deadline? What happens if I miss the deadline to register?

The deadline for official delegates to register is June 30; those who register after June 30 may not receive a conference t-shirt and welcome packet. Additional collegiate members and advisors do not pay a late fee but are encouraged to register before July 14.

Why should I attend a virtual conference?

Holding the Mortar Board National Leadership Conference virtually allows us to bring the excitement to more members of your chapter. You will have opportunities to connect with members from all over the country, learn valuable leadership skills for your future, and celebrate Mortar Board from the comfort and safety of your home. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some things you will do during the conference.

  • Network with hundreds of collegiate and alumni members from around the country;
  • Attend educational sessions to introduce you to Mortar Board’s special chapter operational expectations;
  • Meet national leaders, especially your region coordinator—the volunteer who assists the chapters near yours;
  • Learn leadership tricks and tips to help you run your chapter, improve your own skills and boost your credentials;
  • Cast a vote for student representative to National Council;
  • Take notes to brief your chapter;

Be introduced to your Chapter Action Plan and start planning the upcoming year of leadership.

How should I prepare?

  • Familiarize yourself with Mortar Board as a national organization by browsing the website.
  • Read Mortar Board’s new member handbook and National Bylaws.
  • Reach out to former officers and your chapter advisors to learn about any issues, trends, or challenges facing your chapter.
  • Talk to members who have been to conference in previous years.
  • Decide which break-out sessions you should attend to best prepare your chapter for success.
  • Read the Election Guide that describes the candidates running for student representative on the National Council.
  • Click here to download the 2023 Zoom Backgrounds.

I can't find an answer here...

All general questions regarding the conference may be sent to or call the National Office at 614-488-4094.

This email address will also be checked during the conference.